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Stone Steps / Treads - Standard Sizes of 600mm and 1000mm - Custom Lengths made to order
LengthDepthHeightCODEPricePortland grey left handed step/tread
600mm250mm(base) 280mm(overall) 60mm ST62533.00+vat
600mm300mm(base) 330mm(overall) 60mmST630 35.75+vat
600mm350mm(base) 380mm(overall) 60mm ST63538.50+vat
600mm400mm(base) 430mm(overall) 60mm ST64041.25+vat
600mm450mm(base) 480mm(overall) 60mm ST64544.00+vat
600mm500mm(base) 530mm(overall) 60mm ST65046.75+vat
600mm550mm(base) 580mm(overall) 60mm ST65049.50+vat
600mm600mm(base) 630mm(overall) 60mm ST66052.25+vat
1000mm 250mm(base) 280mm(overall) 60mm ST102532.50+vat
1000mm300mm(base) 330mm(overall) 60mm ST103038.50+vat
1000mm350mm(base) 380mm(overall) 60mmST1035 41.25+vat
1000mm400mm(base) 430mm(overall) 60mmST1040 44.00+vat
1000mm450mm(base) 480mm(overall) 60mmST1045 46.75+vat
1000mm500mm(base) 530mm(overall) 60mmST1050 49.50+vat
1000mm550mm(base) 580mm(overall) 60mmST1055 52.25+vat
1000mm600mm(base) 630mm(overall) 60mmST1060 55.00+vat

We can produce any length step but our standard sizes are listed here. Corner Steps can be produced at an additional cost by adding the relevant bullnose on to the side required. Just supply us with base measurements and we will work out the rest.
Portland grey corner step/tread
When ordering steps please make sure you know the following. There is two measurements on a Step/tread. The overall measurement which is the width from the tip of the bullnose to the back, and the base measurement which is the width from the bottom lip of the bullnose to the back.

Portland stone step/tread
The height of the riser you require should be the distance inbetween the steps. However depending on how your planning on laying your steps this can vary. The riser can either sit along the back of the step once layed in place, or it can sit behind the step. Portland stone riser
We also produce bases that can be used as a solid riser designed to match the bottom measurements of the steps. So in some cases no other brickwork would be required. To match your stone treads and risers we also produce slabs in any size.
Portland white stone slab

Risers 600mm - 1000mm lengths - Can be made to size
LengthHeightThicknessItem CODEPricePortland grey riser
600mm 100mm 60mm R610015.95+vat
600mm 125mm 60mm R612517.60+vat
600mm 150mm 60mm R615019.80+vat
600mm 175mm 60mm R617520.90+vat
600mm 200mm 60mm R620022.00+vat
600mm 225mm 60mm R622523.10+vat
1000mm 100mm 60mm R110018.70+vat
1000mm 125mm 60mm R112520.90+vat
1000mm 150mm 60mm R115022.00+vat
1000mm 175mm 60mm R117523.10+vat
1000mm 200mm 60mm R120024.20+vat
1000mm 225mm 60mm R122525.85+vat

SizeItem CODEPricePortland white slab
400 x 400 x 60mm SLA40017.00+vat
450 x 450 x 60mm SLA45018.00+vat
500 x 500 x 60mm SLA50021.00+vat
550 x 550 x 60mm SLA55023.50+vat
600 x 600 x 60mm SLA60025.00+vat
650 x 650 x 60mm SLA65026.50+vat
700 x 700 x 60mm SLA70031.00+vat
750 x 750 x 60mm SLA75036.00+vat
800 x 800 x 60mm SLA80038.50+vat