Stone Steps / Treads - Available in 600mm and 1000mm
•All Prices Exclude VAT
LengthDepthHeightItem CODEPricePortland grey left handed step/tread
600mm 250mm(base) 280mm(overall) 60mm ST62530.00
600mm 300mm(base) 330mm(overall) 60mmST630 32.50
600mm 350mm(base) 380mm(overall) 60mm ST63535.00
600mm 400mm(base) 430mm(overall) 60mm ST64037.50
600mm 450mm(base) 480mm(overall) 60mm ST64540.00
600mm 500mm(base) 530mm(overall) 60mm ST65042.50
600mm 550mm(base) 580mm(overall) 60mm ST65045.00
600mm 600mm(base) 630mm(overall) 60mm ST66047.50
1000mm 250mm(base) 280mm(overall) 60mm ST102532.50 Portland white single bullnose step/tread
1000mm 300mm(base) 330mm(overall) 60mm ST103035.00
1000mm 350mm(base) 380mm(overall) 60mmST1035 37.50
1000mm 400mm(base) 430mm(overall) 60mmST1040 40.00
1000mm 450mm(base) 480mm(overall) 60mmST1045 42.50
1000mm 500mm(base) 530mm(overall) 60mmST1050 45.00
1000mm 550mm(base) 580mm(overall) 60mmST1055 47.50
1000mm 600mm(base) 630mm(overall) 60mmST1060 50.00

Risers and Bases
•All Prices Exclude VAT
LengthHeightThicknessItem CODEPricePortland grey riser
600mm 100mm 60mm R610014.50
600mm 125mm 60mm R612516.00
600mm 150mm 60mm R615018.00
600mm 175mm 60mm R617519.00
600mm 200mm 60mm R620020.00
600mm 225mm 60mm R622521.00
Lengths come as 600mm or 1000mm
1000mm 100mm 60mm R110017.00
1000mm 125mm 60mm R112519.00
1000mm 150mm 60mm R115020.00
1000mm 175mm 60mm R117521.00
1000mm 200mm 60mm R120022.00
1000mm 225mm 60mm R122523.50

•All Prices Exclude VAT
SizeItem CODEPricePortland white slab
400 x 400 x 60mm SLA40016.00
450 x 450 x 60mm SLA45017.00
500 x 500 x 60mm SLA50020.00
550 x 550 x 60mm SLA55022.50
600 x 600 x 60mm SLA60024.00
650 x 650 x 60mm SLA65025.50
700 x 700 x 60mm SLA70030.00
750 x 750 x 60mm SLA75035.00
800 x 800 x 60mm SLA80037.50